"Who Is Larry Bilotta?"

Larry Bilotta is the leading authority on understanding people.

Rather than a psychologist, Bilotta is a former advertising agency specialist who built his system for understanding people on the foundation of psychology studies and 11 years of his own research.

Bilotta created this breakthrough system called the Flag Page, using his advertising skills to simplify the complex ideas of psychology in order to quickly and easily understand the motivations of people.

He has used this tool to help over 4,000 people gain focus, motivation and a sense of purpose in life. The Flag Page is a simple, on line tool that gives a surprisingly accurate level of insight into what motivates people.

Over eleven years, this proven tool has been used to reduce stress and create understanding in a wide range of areas from businesses to marriage.

Larry Bilotta is the author of the special report "The Secret Path to Divorce: How to know if you're already on it" and "Your Invisible Lifestyle: Is it helping or hurting your marriage?" and his most recent book, Softhearted Woman Hard World".

Larry Bilotta is also the creator of the Environment Changer program. Couples who participate in the Marriage Lifeline program learn how to save their marriage and stop a divorce in 4 weeks from the privacy of their own home. He created the program based on the insight he used to transform his own miserable marriage of 27 years. 

The entire program takes place over the phone so couples donít have the embarrassment and inconvenience of going into an office setting for marriage help.



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