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"I Never Expected To Find Such a Result Oriented Course For Free....I Am Feeling Good Already and Hope To Get Back a Normal Life For Myself and My Family Soon."

"The idea that I found most helpful is the 'practical turnaround' point where I need to stop the urge to go in the same negative pattern when something bad happens to me but in order to effectively beat my amygdala, start reliving a pleasant memory to erase the negative pictures in my ITV. I believe it gets better with consistent practice.

Thank you so much for this wonderful mini course. I never expected to find such a result oriented course for free....I am feeling good already and hope to get back a normal life for myself and my family soon."

Pema from India

"I Subscribed To The 7 Day Mini Course and Within Just The First Edition Of The Course I Noticed a Difference In My Attitude and The Attitude Of Wife and Kids...

...I Really Think This Free Email Course Has Helped me a Great Deal. My Wife's Attitude Towards Me Has Completely Changed and I Feel We Are Moving Closer and Closer To Reconciling.."

I found your information on the internet. I subscribed to the 7 day mini course and within just the first edition of the course I noticed a difference in my attitude and the attitude of wife and kids. It has helped my to understand how much my worried and negative feelings were hurting my need to try and repair my marriage.

My wife and I were going to a marriage cousellor, everytime we attended a session my wife withdrew a little more from me until finally she filed for a divorce.

I started to search the internet and found your web site and it opened my eyes to my negative attitude and desire to prevent a divorce back fired and actually attracted more negative feelings and finally divorce papers.

I really think your course has helped me a great deal. My wifes attitude towards me has completely changed and I feel were are moving closer and closer to reconciling.

Thank You,

"When I Learned What Larry Had Discovered, I Instantly Knew I Had Found The Answer I Was Searching For.

I Finally Know HOW to Change My Reactions To Negative Events."

"All my life I struggled with the question of how to control my negative feelings. When a situation would arise that would get me angry, it seemed I couldn't escape the whirlpool of angry thoughts that would follow for days. I've tried many methods of my own but nothing has worked.

When I learned what Larry had discovered, I instantly knew that I had found the answer I was searching for. I finally know HOW to change my reactions to negative events."

Susan Dutton Freund
Strategic Planning Consultant - WI

"I Had Developed An Infection...When I Started To Apply the Teachings...I Stopped Pushing People Away, I Was More Happy...

...Suddenly I Developed Even More Tragic Symptoms For the Disease But Because I Had More Friends I Didn't Think About It and Guess What! I AM HEALED!

I Am No Longer Sick!

Hi Larry, this is Roberta.

i have wanted to tell you this story for long but something always comes up. I have had an opportunity to go thru several lessons from you beginning with the 7 Secrets email course. I have been improving really dramatically.

I had developed an infection which I thought was really related to something i had done earlier. I was wrong. When i started to apply the teachings and get less grumpy and I stopped pushing people away, I was more happy.

In my happiness I forgot about the pain I had been holding onto and then suddenly I developed even more tragic symptoms for the disease but because I had more friends I didn't think about it and guess what! I AM HEALED!

I am no longer sick, I am well and now I conciously really conciously avoid any chance to get back to depression and loneliness. Larry, thank you for helping me to change my life and that of my friends.

Roberta B.

"I Took The 7 Secrets Mini Course and I Really Like It. It Helped Me In More Ways Than I Can Ever Explain and I Would Highly Recommend It To Anyone."

Actually I have told everyone I know about it and they can't wait to sign up and get their free course. Thanks so much!"

K Jones

I Was Attracted To The "Mini-ness" Of Your Course...Quick, Short, To The Point...

The Major Idea I Hadn't Focused On Before Was The Amygdala...How It Short Circuits Our Observations And Delivers Some Of "Protective" Emotion To Prevent Us From "Going There Again"...Often At The Expense Of Accuracy. 

"I was attracted to the "Mini-ness" of your Course....quick, short, to the point. The major idea that I hadn't really focused on before was the Amygdala.....how it short circuits our observations and delivers some type of "protective" emotion to prevent us "going there again"....often at the expense of accuracy. In other words, I often was hearing and feeling something completely opposite to what was really going on! I enjoy wandering around the net in search of information to improve life and your Mini Course was very helpful and insightful. Keep up the good work."

Ross Johnson - Okanagan Valley
British Columbia

"(The 7 Secrets Mini Course) Was Great...The Success Story For Me Was...the Realization That That Events Are JUST Events...Has Helped Greatly To Help Relieve Worry And Just Let It Be."

"(The 7 Secrets Mini Course) was great. I like how you type as you would talk; it was like hanging out with you for a moment together. The success story for me was implementing the realization that events are JUST events until you make them good or bad. That section has helped greatly to help relieve worry and just let it be."

Donna Phelps-Leynse
Seminole, FL

"The Mini Course As I See It Is A Tremendous Help...

Your Mini Course Helped Me In The Area Of My Low Self Esteem And How Others Treated Me...I Would Like To Thank You For It."

"The Mini course as I see it is a tremendous help if you apply it. Your mini course helped me in the area of my low self esteem and how others treated me and I would like to thank you for it. It helped me realize that the reason for my low self esteem was because of how I thought people saw me."

Verlene Davids
Johannesburg , RSA

"The Information (In The Mini Course) Was Presented Quite Well, Understandable For Anyone And It Brought My Intentions Back Into Perspective. I Am Now Able To Focus More Clearly."

"This mini course was helpful in reminding me of the root causes for perceptions. The information was presented quite well, understandable for anyone and it brought my intentions back into perspective. I am now able to focus more clearly. Realizing I have control over my emotions, and that no one can make me feel....without my permission was very helpful."

D. Alexandria VA

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